Sara Anne Luke (nightcaps_4_all) wrote in crazy_shady,
Sara Anne Luke


Wassup people. My name is Sara.From Texas. I'm 15, been a Eminem fan since the 5th grade. Been a D12 fan since before the release of Devil's Night. I have not been lucky enough to see them in concert, considering the fact that Mr. Mathers prefers to tour overseas, and when he does tour here, he's never touched Texas. I hate when people say they are huge fans, and only know "My Band" or "Lose Yourself". Can't decide my favorite track on D12 World yet. I love "Bitches" and "40 Oz." Bugg's track is ill. Well, that's me!
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yeah, wish i could go to an em concert, too. i ain't heard of him bein in my state eigher. So D12 World is good? I haven't listened to it yet. Worth the money to buy it?
Hey...deff agree about that song thing..i like D12 too but i dont get wut the hell is up with this whole d12 vs eminem. Im not likin it d12 is supposed to be like a team like together n then the radio annoucing songs "d12 FEATURING emienem" wuts with that