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Hello all..

My first entry in this community. I can see why you ask this question. It pisses me off that after 8 Mile came out so many girls hopped on claiming they were his "biggest fan". And when I ask what they like about him the most,they proclaim "he's so hot!" Really pisses me off. Well I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.
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i know EXACTLY what you mean. it really pisses me off when gurls only like Em for his looks..its fucked.. but fuck them they obviously arent real fans
yea i know what you mean by that. i've been a big eminem fan for a while now, and i realized that most girls started liking him when he was in a movie or they just think hes hot. a lot of girls that are so called "eminems biggest fans" don't even listen to his songs. how do you join this community?
click on the crazy shady profile page and then click on join the community.

oh, and a lot of people say a lotta shit, shouldn't be nothin to really bother anyone. i mean, it ain't like they really think they his biggest fan, and so what if they just like him cause he's hot? who hasn't done that before?
I totally know what you are talking about. I hate people who think they are huge fans and dont even know any of his songs that arent on the radio. half those girls that have posters all over and claim to be His biggest fans" dont even know one word to any of his songs my god its annoying
hey I think eminem is sexy as hell but thats no why i liek him so much I can really realte to what he says in his songs an di liek the fact that hes just like fuck it and he don tlet things get to him.
I love his music, I loved 8 mile and hes a really talented rapper